3 Things to Pray to Help Empower Life on Mission

I see life as being part of God’s mission to the world through Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit. In other words, daily life is the place I get to interact with God, see what he’s up to in our world and draw people’s attention to him. This is what I mean when I talk about life on mission.

Sadly, for some mission is all about doing. We know that we should be missional – Jesus commanded that we tell the world about him, and so we slug it out with drudged determination. Is it any surprise we end up discouraged, exhausted, feeling guilty for not doing enough?

Jesus doesn’t want to feel this way. Life on mission is not meant to be like this. Instead life on mission begins with relationship. It starts with prayer. Here are 3 things I’ve prayed that have helped me be on mission.

1. Pray to See What God is Doing

Incarnational is always one of the buzz words of mission. It’s about going and ‘being’ Jesus among people. I like the concept – we should show people what is like is, but I just need to say one thing, we don’t need to take Jesus, the Holy Spirit has beaten us to it. He’s already there.

David Fitch tells the story of his morning coffee work routine. He was challenged to see MacDonald’s as the ‘arena of God’s Spirit at work instead of merely a place to do my own work. Instead of seeing the hundreds of people that pass by candidates for my ‘Come to Jesus’ speech, I was challenged to see this place as a vibrant arena where God was truly present.’

It makes a huge difference to life on mission to see what God is doing. It reminds you that it’s God’s work. This can be liberating because sometimes we try more than we possibly could and beat ourselves up for doing more evangelism. Remember, it’s not up to you; it’s God’s work.

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This post originally appeared on DarrylEyb.net  and was republished with permission. 



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