Doomsday Prepping for Christians

We live in a false sense of security. We need to be truly honest with ourselves. Nothing in this world is guaranteed. Not love, life or wealth. The day we realize that we can hold on to nothing is the day we stop taking things for granted. We need to get prepared.

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Doomsday… Christian’s think of revelations and the world thinks of a zombie apocalypse.

I personally find the apocalyptic genre fascinating. The latest trend has been zombies. I don’t particularly care for the gore, it makes me squeamish. It’s a terrifying yet intriguing look at what we would do if everything went to Hell.

How would people behave without laws or morals, if they were their own moral compass?

Would you survive? Would we remain idealistic like Rick Grimes, realistic like Darryl or would it turn you into an absolute badass like Carol?

Doomsday comes in many shapes and forms

Here’s the thing, when we think of Doomsday, we picture a global catastrophic event. But the reality of the situation is that disaster can strike at any time and is generally localized. It can be anything from a natural disaster, war or even something as close to home as the loss of a loved one. The point is that catastrophe can strike at any moment. It’s not necessarily the destruction of the entire world, just yours.

We all have a Thanos lurking in the shadows. If you’re lucky, you’ll realize he’s coming and attempt to prepare. If you’re like me, he appears out of nowhere, grabs you by the throat and rips an infinity stone out of your forehead. If you ever meet me, you’ll see the scar on my forehead where the infinity stone used to be. I’m just kidding, I got that scar from falling headfirst onto a steel marquee peg.

Jokes aside, I’ve experienced my own personal doomsday. One moment, I was happily married and with a snap of Thanos’ finger, my world disintegrated before my eyes. Every sacrifice, the years of conscious and deliberate effort to be a good husband and father. I really took that saying, “happy wife, happy life” seriously.

The life that I had carefully planned and built for myself, in a moment, I lost virtually everything.

We live in a false sense of security. We need to be truly honest with ourselves. Nothing in this world is guaranteed. Not love, life or wealth. The day we realize that we can hold on to nothing is the day we stop taking things for granted.

My father is a pastor so I grew up in Church. This made we assume that I knew a fair amount about God’s Word. About a year before my doomsday, I realized that I had barely scratched the surface of the Bible and I really started to take an interest in learning more. Little did I know that I was being prepared spiritually and mentally for what was to come. I don’t think I would have survived my doomsday if I hadn’t been saturated in God’s Word.

The only thing that you can put your faith in is God. Everything else is temporary. We like to put our faith in what we can see but nothing is as it seems. There are too many variables at play that can disrupt or completely obliterate even the best-laid plans.

So how do we prepare?

As Christians, we treat our spirituality like a multivitamin. We have it as a booster instead of it being our staple diet. We have this idea that we can spend 5 mins praying, two hours on a Sunday in Church and a dash of Christian music here and there while we binge on “the World” for the rest of the time.

Whatever you put in, you’ll get out. When doomsday comes, you’ll be under tremendous pressure. You’ll be squeezed until you crack. Once you crack, whatever you put in, will come out. This is why you find seemly sane people lose their marbles in a divorce or when their “world” is threatened.

Trials will always come. It’s like the tide. It comes and goes. Your job is to prepare during the low tide so you won’t drown when the tide is in. Make a conscious effort to spend time in God’s Word. It’s easier than you think.

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But Clint, I don’t have time…

I’m not trying to be self-righteous here but we’ll make time for what’s important to us. Even I have my days when I get “too busy” to spend time with the person (God) that gave me the air that I’m breathing and the life I’m living. We fall off the horse at times and need to refocus whenever we do.

Thankfully, we have a variety of different media that makes it convenient. There’s also a lot of wasted time that can be utilized better. For instance, I watch preaching on YouTube while washing the dishes. Listen to a podcast while driving. Read my Bible app while in queues. You can even get a Bluetooth speaker for the shower. You need to be creative in your approach.

But Clint, God’s Word is soooo boring.

This is a common misconception because… please forgive me, Pastors, some of you make it seem boring. Guys, you can’t tell me you like Game of Thrones but you find the Bible boring. That means you haven’t read it. The only thing that the Bible is missing is zombies. Although I’m sure Lazarus freaked some people out.

Pastors talk about the spiritual side to the Bible but it’s far more than that. Some of the most interesting stories are never mentioned in Church. The Bible has so much depth that we find new insight even after thinking we’ve understood a chapter.

The Bible is something that can appeal to everyone, whether you’re interested in culture, warfare, the supernatural, even zoology there’s something in it for everyone. You latch onto what interests you and you’ll find that it becomes so interesting that you’ll grow organically and want to learn more.

The key point to remember is that you have to ensure that you have a higher God’s Word to world ratio at all times. It’s like filling up your oxygen tank because you’ll feel like you can’t breathe when your world falls apart.

It’s like filling a well that you can draw from when you need its water to sustain you. You can’t draw from an empty well, neither can you breathe from an empty tank. This is the only way to prepare for doomsday. Let me know your thoughts.

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One thought on “Doomsday Prepping for Christians

  1. The late Billy Graham had some good advice that is apropos: “Do not worry about the end of the world. . . When you die, that is the end of the world for you.” (paraphrasing from memory) His point is that no one knows when the end of the world will come, but we all know that we will, as individuals, die at some point. So, let us make sure we live our life in an authentically Christian way.

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