Reading Time: 4 minutes There are times we can be so blinded by our wants that we fail to see what we truly need. But occasionally, we confuse wants with needs. And other times, we refuse to accept what we need is for our own good because it goes against what we really want. What does the Bible say about what are our spiritual needs?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a world when you get free stuff, while it is free for me, someone—somewhere has to pay for it. God doesn’t work that way. He bought the whole bag up front and you get the whole bag. No samples needed, just take it all. He sent his son Jesus who paid it all. Not just the taxes or just the shipping. He paid it ALL.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The unfortunate truth is that you’re not strong enough. There will be situations that you can deal with because you’ve been through worse. Then there are circumstances that will crack the earth beneath your feet. These are the situations that challenge you. These are the trials that will grow your faith.