If it’s free, It’s for me

I love free stuff. I mean, who doesn’t?

Costco is a magical place I like to go for two reasons:

  1. The fact that you can buy an industrial-sized tub of trail mix is (and I cannot stress this enough) what truly makes America great.
  2. FREE Samples.

I am excited right now thinking about my next adventure to Costco because you don’t just make a trip to Costco. It is an adventure. Free stuff is a wonderful thing. That’s why I live by the mantra, “If it’s free it’s for me, so give me three”.

The Power of ‘Free’

Some people are skeptical about free stuff. They wonder “what’s the catch?” Not this guy. Someone could offer me free hair conditioner specifically engineered for long blond hair and I will take it. My wife will ask me when I get home “Why do you have this?” Which is an excellent question because I have very short black hair, and my answer will always be the same, “I don’t know, but it was free.”

When I was 10 and became a Christian, I sincerely think this is what got me interested in being saved in the first place. I was falling asleep in vacation Bible school, and the teacher said something I would never forget. She said, “Salvation is free!” I immediately woke up thinking “hmmm, free you say.” I had to know more.

Romans 6:23 says:

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Remember earlier when I said people are skeptical about free stuff? I couldn’t understand why until I learned about salvation. In a world when you get free stuff, while it is free for me, someone—somewhere has to pay for it. Not until my marketing classes in college did I learn that Costco pays a little up front for those free samples, so in turn, people will pay a lot more for the whole bag.

The Free Gift of Salvation

God doesn’t work that way. He bought the whole bag up front and you get the whole bag. No samples needed, just take it all. He sent his only son who paid it all. Not just the taxes or just the shipping. He paid it ALL. Can you imagine paying the price Jesus did? If it’s free, it’s for me, so I’ll take three. If I have to pay, NO WAY.

I learned the hard way people will prey on your love of free stuff. This is why children are the best fundraisers. A school principal will tell them, “The student who raises $500 for the school will get this free hat!” 10-year-old me is thinking, “Wow this is such a great deal!” 37-year-old me knows better.

The deal that Jesus gave us is actually a great deal. It is all in our favor. We get all the benefits of the free gift of salvation. We can’t ever earn it. We can’t ever repay it. He wants you to just enjoy it and make the most of it. This is something you should tell everyone every chance you get.

More people need to know about this. You just have to be careful how you say it. Because you can say “Have a nice day” to a co-worker and that is no problem. But if you say, “Enjoy the next 24 hours”, it sounds vaguely threatening and HR has to get involved. Tell someone about this wonderful gift and how it changed your life. Tell them about Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth and believe with your heart then you will be saved.

It’s a gift, just take it. It’s free, so it’s for me, and I got the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit….that’s three.

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