Reading Time: 4 minutes Do we put God in a box? It seems like a silly question. How can we put the Eternal Creator in a box? It is impossible as God rules over all things. He existed before anything in the universe was formed. Yet in some ways, this is exactly what we attempt when our will clash with God’s.

Reading Time: 5 minutes We are conformed into His image and the reality of God is expressed. We can limit God to just task orientation when God wants to lead us into His reality. As we learn to quiet ourselves and fellowship in the Spirit, awareness of the burdens of others will come into focus.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Living in isolation not only rejects God’s ownership over our lives but also denies our fundamental human hardwiring. We must continue to pursue a friendship with others, but not begrudgingly or in fear. Rather, we pursue a friendship with joy because there is practical help offered to us in the Scriptures, divine grace available for our specific struggles, and beautiful blessings to experience when biblical friendship is realized.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Lions roar is fierce and magnificent. It can be heard up to five miles away! Their roar scares potential intruders and communicates who the boss. We have a roar within us too. Depending on where it comes from, the new man or the old man determines its life-giving or destructive effects. Anger is a strong emotion that can be very difficult to control, what is the secret in taming this beast?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever held a job that you absolutely dreaded going to? Has there ever been a certain task that you had to complete as part of that job that made you want to resign? What about outside of the workplace, in your Christian life? Has God ever asked you to do something that you dreaded? Or, is there one thing lurking that if God asked you to do, you would be inclined to say no and run far away?