A Secret to Anger

The Lions roar is fierce and magnificent. It can be heard up to five miles away! Their roar scares potential intruders and communicates who the boss. We have a roar within us too. Depending on where it comes from, the new man or the old man determines its life-giving or destructive effects. Anger is a strong emotion that can be very difficult to control, what is the secret in taming this beast?

A healthy “ROAR” is when we are full of excitement and joy and we can’t contain ourselves. Our confident cry moves us forward with full assurance.  Then there is the negative expression of frustration when we feel like no one is hearing or paying attention to what we value. This rage can be like a forest fire burning everything in its path. The one that is out of control, strives hard to have control, but it is out of reach.

The roots of anger can be founded in disappointment and sadness. This tag-team often entangles the emotions and suffocates joy. Depression has been known to be called “frozen anger” that holds the person hostage to a past defeat or mistake.  This trauma causes an internal “flash freeze” of our pain and our memory is seared. When something bruises us, the pain can cause deep-rooted anger.

God wants us to be angry at the right things in Psalms 4:4. Angry at sin, injustice, displays of unrighteousness etc. How we control ourselves shows if we are dominated by the Spirit or living in our old nature. In Proverbs 16:32 “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.” Temperance as one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22 is only realized as we are submitted to the Spirit. Will power is not enough.

So, what do we do with the fire of anger?

  • Realize you are running on empty.
  • Identify triggers: Tired, frustrated, stress, hunger, disappointed.
  • Surrender your control to the Holy Spirit
  • Be angry at the right things
  • Pray before you unleash a barrage of words
  • Ask question to clarify the truth of the matter
  • Realize it not all about you. flexibility and adaptability are essentials
  • Let go of what you think SHOULD happen and learn to enjoy what IS happening
  • Learn to love yourself regardless of the outcome
  • Let go of what you think should happen
  •  Learn to enjoy what is happening

In Proverbs 25:28 “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who does not control his temper.”  As we are developing healthy expectations and interpret what is happening around us properly, we understand that anger doesn’t have to control us.

The shout of Goliath (1 Samuel 17:8-11)

Goliath had a shout that paralyzed the Israelites for 40 days! He was intimidating and loud and his track record made Israel shake in their boots. The armies of Israel stammered in fear because they were hypnotized by danger and potential loss. Goliath was keenly aware of his own strength and size and with great pride. His shouts cut the strength and hope of most, except David.


Shouting anger can be a destructive shout. This powerful release can close someone’s soul where they retreat into themselves and trust no one. Goliath could be something in our life that looks so powerful, uncontrollable or even our past. In our day we can relate to this – maybe it is bad news from the doctor– “you have cancer” this shout rattles us to the bone. Family problems, expectations, and dreams are squelched in self-centeredness or in a marriage where the shout of rejection crumbles hope. Even shouts of failure cause’s hesitation in fear.

David lived in a secret – he heard and lived in the “Shout of the King”. He knew who was with him and he came in that Jesus Name. This formidable foe intimated all but one – he ran at Goliath with concentrated faith knowing that the armies of heaven were with him. He slew Goliath that day because he lived in the power of the shout totally reliant on the King of Kings.

Our outcomes may be different where we may not experience a quick decisive victory. Our journey and battle maybe days, weeks, months or even years! Goliath may seem to have the upper hand and hope can wane. Take on the mindset of David – we have the shout of the king among us, a stamp of approval, the privilege of power and position and in Gods sovereign timing victory will be made known.

The shout of the King (Numbers 23:21)

Another type of shouting is a declaration. Passion and confidence expressed with great joy! When in a stadium cheering on your favorite team there is such powerful energy when everyone, as one, shouts in excitement. The intensity rises as the player moves and performs. We shout with consent or discontentment depending on the action.

In Hebrews 11:1 we see this same arena – the kingdom of heaven is cheering you on, affirming your obedience to Christ with steps of faith! The angels and saints of God are shouting with excitement in the faithfulness of God, speaking strength, coaching us not to quit. Learning to hear these shouts are the key to encouragement. Just as a coach would “talk straight” and remind you of who you are; and your purpose, the Lord does the same – he reminds us of who we are – in Him and to whom we belong.

The king has position, power, and privilege. As servants are summoned to the king they submit to his Lordship and instruction and decrees are given. Imagine Christ as the King of Kings what he shouts over you! In Zephaniah 3:17 says that he sings over you in great celebration as He is quietly resting in His love. The King looks at you with favor and he shouts over you and gives you His own authority. You now come in His name, you represent the kingdom of God with all the rights, privileges and power. Privilege is bestowed not because you have earned it but because the King wants to give it. He shouts over you favor.

 A Healing Shout

Mephibosheth is another tremendous example of the Kings shout in 1 Samuel 9. This young man was dropped as a baby and he was lame on both feet. He was crippled and was greatly impaired. David (The King) wanted to show kindness to the house of Saul because of his beloved friend Jonathan. Mephibosheth summoned by the king expected the worst not knowing the heart of his king.

His own shout was that of worthlessness and insignificance and unprofitability. Mephibosheth was not hearing the shout of the king but was blinded by himself. King David promotes him and shouts over him declaring him a son with all the rights and privileges to sit at his table forever. Bewildered Mephibosheth doesn’t understand this shout of the king, he was expecting wrath but learns grace and becomes David loyal friend in years to come.

Hearing this shout created a new identity a new life in Isaiah 43:19. This can be like us, we determine our value by what we can produce but God gets the most glory giving us what we don’t deserve. The king declares those things which are not evident now as though they have already come to past – in time we grow into what is He sees already! 

Shouts of Grace (Zechariah 4:7)

Grace is limitless in its definition. As we shout Grace – Grace to our mountains, they fall! We shout grace by speaking the same things that the holy spirit says. We verbalize the promises and speak them into reality! The power of WHO GOD IS levels every plain. As we get a personal revelation of grace and internalize this shout, we will then shout it over others and healing in all forms begin. The bad self-image crumbles, insecurity is replaced with confidence, Receiving Grace is the ultimate secret in healing anger. 

The effects of the Grace shout:

  •  Forgiveness shouts grace
  •  Love shouts grace
  •  Mercy shouts over judgment (James 2:13)
  •  Integrity shouts grace
  •  Grace abounds and shouts over sin

The language of grace opens our heart, the cry of our heart is heard and understood by God. This shout dispels fear and anxiety and gives a safe-haven.  He speaks graciously to us in Isaiah 40:1. He waits to be gracious to us in Isaiah 30:18. As we hear God and His voice it is like the “healing balm of Gilead” and we are strengthened, and peace rules our hearts.

The belief that there are more with us then there is against us in 2 Kings 6:16-17 is what the shout reveals. We are the winners!  The shout catches our attention and quickens our spiritual numbness and gives an eternal perspective. This breaks our boxes of comparison and self-pity and we are no longer living in a small little world – but the shout of grace elevates us to new heights with God. We hear the shout “YOU are more than a conqueror” in Roman 8:37! YOU are loved, YOU have a future, I will be faithful to YOU!

It is so important to HEAR the shout of the King and come near to it, and let it ring in your ears!  His charge empowers us in His ability, far beyond our natural ability. When we are weak and tired, we can rest and incline our ear and discover this infusion of life. Feelings, experience, and sight will try to muffle this shout, but as we focus in on these words the shout will amplify!

Which shout will you live in?  One that intimidates and is self-destructive with no control or a life-giving shout that liberates and exhibits true control?

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