Reading Time: 4 minutes Shame is ugly. We often try to hide our embarrassing exposure. Guilt says that a mistake has been made but shame goes a step further and says we are a failure. This identity is paralyzing. In 2 Samuel 9, we see a story were grace conquers shame and mercy rejoices over judgment and underserved favor is given.

Reading Time: 3 minutes God is love. We tend to diminish this aspect of God’s nature. We confuse it with the fickle love we experience as humans. This is not God’s love. God is so defined by being love that if we have a relationship with Him, we will love as well. It is a wonderful idea to contemplate. John emphasizes just how important this is to God. He says that if we don’t love, we don’t actually know God.

Reading Time: 3 minutes My experience of depression is like living in a world where I am the only one surrounded by a blanket of fog. It’s disorienting, confusing and distorts things. Affirming words can pass through the fog and end up as condemnations. As a follower of Jesus it’s hard watching others so free and passionate in their worship, so joyful in their embraces, and not be swept away by my own shame, guilt, and unworthiness.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s be honest: our street-level theology isn’t as strong as we want it to be. We don’t actually trust in the sovereignty of God as much as we say we do. Phrases such as “good luck,” “it was a coincidence,” “serendipity,” or “as fate would have it” easily fall from our lips. This beautiful story of faith from Acts 8 will confront us with the inadequacy of our reasoning.

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the latest Marvel Avengers movie, the superheroes chase after six stones that will give them the power to defeat a great evil. Today, men can learn more from the story of David about being a strong, godly man than from pop-culture movies. In my first two articles, I explained the lessons of courage and loyalty. The next story from David is about the Honor Stone.

Reading Time: 3 minutes We define needs relationally as well, not just physically. We say we need a more loving spouse, a more obedient child, or a more respectful boss. This might confuse and irritate you, but the Bible never promises those things. But in a fallen world, where life doesn’t operate the way it should, there’s a difference between need and desire. There are 3 dangerous things that happen when you name a desire as something you need.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lying can become a natural practice in most circles of life. Half-truths, false pretenses even “beating around the bush” in our approach because something is hidden that we don’t want to be exposed. We want people to think well of us, and have a great impression – but at what cost?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most men like superheroes. We watched the cartoon versions, read comic books, and bought the t-shirts. I was inspired by the latest Marvel movie to look at the foundational stones of manhood from the story of David. David selected five smooth stones before he went into battle with Goliath. In my last article, I introduced courage as the first foundation stone of manhood. The second stone represents loyalty.