Is God Real? A logical analysis of evolution

“Is God Real?” is the fundamental question of many debates for decades. These debates take many forms but generally revolve around Evolution. We hear all the time from “scientists” how animals evolved over millions of years. This leaves us wondering if it’s proven that everything happened by chance then surely God doesn’t exist. You’re not alone, we’ve all been stumped by this dilemma at some point in our lives.

Belief vs Science

We’re lead to believe that Evolution is proven science and thus the belief in God is irrational. So we believe that the argument is belief versus science. This is not the case, it’s belief vs belief.

Creation and evolution are theories, not science. It’s a belief. Do you believe in God or not. I realized this when watching a David Attenborough documentary some time back and he was talking about a plant that evolved over millions of years to smell and resemble carrion to attract flies for pollination. I wondered how a plant could be capable of such complex thought. Can plants smell? If it can’t then how did it know that it needs to smell like a dead animal to further its species? Can plants see? If not, then how did it see what carrion looks like and rationalize that its structure needs to change to resemble carrion to further fool flies?

Let’s suppose that it was able to see without eyes and smell without a nose. How did it pass this complex thought to the rest of the plants? Did it arrange a conference with the other plants to state its case?

Let’s suppose it was able to convince the other plants that smelling and looking like a rotting animal was the best course of action to ensure the survival of their species. How did it convince future generations over millions of years to comply with this logic? As a parent, you will understand how hard it is to get your children to comply with you. Can you imagine trying to get many generations over millions of years to comply?

You don’t need a degree in evolution to realize that it’s theoretical at best. When you strip away “scientific jargon” and look at what’s simply required for evolution to be possible, it’s clear that none of it is scientific or proven. It’s merely a belief.

Now let’s reconsider the situation. There’s a plant that resembles and smells like a rotting animal to continue its survival. Based on our observation, this type of planning requires complex thought that the plant doesn’t possess currently and we can propose never possessed this level of intellect in the past either. It’s rational to suggest that there is a higher power with a superior level of intellect that created it all.

It seems like believing in evolution requires more faith than believing there’s a God that created it all.

God can’t be real because why would He create a messed up world

This is another common argument. Let’s suppose that you don’t like what I’ve written in this article, does that negate my existence? Does it mean that I don’t exist and this article spontaneously created itself one day or evolved letter by letter over millions of years? Obviously not.


Everyone is entitled to their own belief, if you choose to believe you evolved, there’s no point to your life or life in general and we are all from pond scum then you’re entitled to that belief. But when you claim that a belief is scientific in order to persuade others to follow your belief, then you are being dishonest. At the end of the day, we’ll only know once we’re dead.

Let’s suppose one last time that evolution is correct, we die and that’s the end of our existence. We all meet the same fate.  Now let’s suppose there is a God, what happens when you die and are face to face with your creator and have to answer for your life? What then?

I hope that you’ve found this article logical and that it’s helped you on this amazing journey called life. I look forward to your comments.

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