Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes we feel we want someone to acknowledge how hard we have worked and what we have been through in our journey. But we shouldn’t think that way. There is this story during Jesus’ journey where he healed two blind men, and you know what he said after he healed them?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you have faith that endures? How well do you endure harsh words, failures, and the ugly moments of life? This article is the fifth in the Biblical Manhood series. Taking the pop culture image of the six stones of power in the Avengers, I identified six stones of what it means to be a Godly man from the life of David.

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Marvel movies have made billions at the box office. We love superheroes and secretly wish we had their abilities. We all love to prevail against all odds! Our warfare as a Christian is against an invisible enemy, we see the effect of evil every day and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger, thankfully his days are numbered.

Reading Time: 3 minutes I think God wants us to invest deeply in things that we care about, whether that is sports, food, people, work, family, exercise, whatever. God doesn’t want us to give up on these things, but rather, he wants to be involved in all those things! So what does that look like? I want to look at a few things that we all invest in, and see how we can let Jesus in on these places.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you move away from others because you want to be safe and avoid hurt (isolation)? Or do you move towards others because you think you need them to live (immersion)? While most of us don’t tend to live at either of these extremes, we do tend towards independence or co-dependence. Where we are on the continuum varies within each relationship, but in most cases, the problems we have in relationships tend to fit one of three relational profiles.

Reading Time: 3 minutes From the story of David, we can find six lessons or six foundation stones for biblical manhood. In my previous articles, I explained the lessons of courage, loyalty and honor. This week we are looking at how King David plans to bring the Ark of the covenant to Jerusalem.