Reading Time: 2 minutes No one can be an effective leader without a shepherd’s heart. We can say that we love people and want the best for them. We can try to lead our family into following Jesus. But they will not follow unless they see the love of a shepherd in action, not just in words.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Am I enough? This nagging question can cause us to soul search – but is it the right question? The self-analysis helps in accessing our goals, but not in the interpretation of all the facts. The trifecta of shame, guilt, and fear cause us to be fragmented, resulting in a punctured soul in Jeremiah 2:13.

Reading Time: 3 minutes At times life can weigh us down, so much so, that all we can see is our shoes. Our world gets small when we look down, it is easy to analyze and focus on our stuff or the faults of others this can result in negativity that can stunt growth and narrow our viewpoint.