Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you getting tired of grabbing at things hoping that they can keep your head above the swamping muck of your life? Has the pressure and false security that comes from surviving with style lost its luster yet? What are you going to run to when the next thing that you grab turns into dust?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When life is full of opportunities and risks, we naturally ask ourselves, “Am I trusting God or just being foolish?” This is a good question to ask because, while God calls us to trust him, he also calls us to manage our lives with Godly wisdom. So, how do you know if a decision is a step of faith, or just plain foolish? Is it a choice between trust and irresponsibility?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sharing our faith can be frightening at times. Maybe we don’t think we have all the answers. Maybe we don’t want to be rejected. Whatever the reason that opposes us reaching out; think about what D.T Niles shares.