Reading Time: 3 minutes There are impossible things in our lives. Weighty things that have been part of our landscape for a long time. Relationships, sickness, generational curses, strongholds…etc.  Our initial reaction is to throw our hands up and give up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can you hear the ‘Joshua Bells’ play in the busyness of life? Or the angels’ song over sounds of rushing? Or are you missing the daily presence of Jesus because of the fear of missing the opportunity of a lifetime? Here is a post on what Christmas is all about when we push past all the presents, parties, and merry-making.

Reading Time: 3 minutes In most families and cultures in America, the man has to be the strong one in the family. Because of a man’s role, many may feel the need to put on a persona of being tough and emotionally bulletproof. This leads to a lot of men not taking care of themselves. How important is it to take a look in the mirror and self-evaluate who we are as men?