New levels bring new devils

I played a lot of video games in my life, and the one thing they taught me, was that when you start to encounter enemies it means you are going the right way. It seems to be that way in life. The more you try to be better, or to get better, the devil just starts to pop up out of nowhere.

There are levels to this

When I played video games, I always wondered why we always had to start at level one. Just bring on the final boss so I can destroy him and be done with it. I wondered this for years, and a friend of mine broke down months of wondering down to five words, “there are levels to this.” All the experience I gained in levels one through 38 (I’m 38 years old right now) has brought me to this; there are things I can handle now that I definitely could not at level 28. I required 10 more levels of experience to get here in my faith.

Fear comes when you hear nothing at all

There’s an old analogy about mosquitoes it says the female mosquito is the ones that bite but they don’t buzz. The male mosquito buzzes, but does not bite. So if you’re laying down trying to sleep and hear a buzzing mosquito in your ear, just brush it away rollover, and go back to sleep. No need to worry about being bitten. The fear comes when you hear nothing at all.

That’s when you need to worry about being bitten. This is how Satan operates. If you are on his team, he is not going to attack you. He wants you in tip-top devil shenanigans condition. When you don’t hear any buzzing, that’s when you need to be afraid. When you are not being attacked by the devil, that should cause all kinds of alarms to go off in your head.

But if you are living for God, the devil will send in the troops, because he knows what kind of power you have behind you. All you have to do is brush him out of your ear roll over and go back to resting because you have the power of the Almighty God protecting you. The devil will be able to buzz but he won’t be able to bite you. But you have to tap into that power.

As you progress through life, things will change, and you will reach new levels of your faith. For example, before I became a parent, I never worried about what time I came home. I never worried about providing for a family. Now that I have reached that level the devil of failure, selfishness, and pride attacks me constantly. The devil will whisper in my ear,

your kids are nothing special they’re going to fail at everything they do because you can’t teach him, you’re going to fail at everything you do because you are worthless, buy yourself that new TV you deserve it, with all you do for them they should treat you way better.

And I feed into those lies. I don’t communicate any of this. I just let it simmer and eventually blow up at the people I love. It doesn’t have to be like this. I can start the foundation of wisdom in my earlier levels in life so when I level up, I am prepared for whatever the devil throws my way.

Use the weapons you have against Satan

Let’s use another video game analogy. If there’s a secret stash of weapons in the corner and I find it, it doesn’t do me any good against the enemy if I don’t utilize them. In our Christian walk, we have prayer, the Bible, and Christian brothers and sisters to fight against the enemy. If you don’t utilize them, you will be defeated by Satan. We have to get stronger. Declare victory over selfishness, pride, porn, alcohol. These only have the power over you that you give them.

No weapon formed against us will prosper. No levels formed against us will defeat us. And no devils formed against us will overcome us. Put on the whole armor of God and let Him fight your battles. The victory has already been won. Stay prayed up and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is. Quote scriptures daily, and the more levels you attain the less those devils will even matter.

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