You Are The Giant Killer

To set this up for you remember that much of the Old Testament is an allegory for us as Christians. I say allegory because these are mostly real stories of things that really happened. As opposed to a parable that is a story made up to indicate a point.

Of King David & The Life Of A Fugitive

There is evidence that strongly suggests that David was the son of Jesse, but not the son of the mother of the other brothers. So they were not fully blood. Therefore, the first issue David was confronted with was that he was not a “fully legitimate” member of the family. Questionable background? Check.

He was not the oldest. He did not have a great position in the family. When Samuel the Prophet came by looking for a new king to anoint, David wasn’t even present. He had to be found.

So he is chosen by God to rule Israel. But God has not removed the current king. So it’s a waiting game now.

He goes out to take food to his brothers and discovers they (along with most of Israel) are cowering on a hillside trying to figure out how to kill a Rapha. A giant named Goliath. He’s so full of God’s presence, he marches right out there and takes the beast down. Israel has a great victory and the people love him. His brothers? Who knows. The king, Saul, is so overcome that he brings him back to live in the palace and marry his daughter. Looks like God is fulfilling the promise of being king.

Then Saul gets wind of the things people are saying about him and tries to kill him. David runs. Saul continues the pursuit. David goes through hell on earth as he dodges the king, the Philistines, his own men, and the list goes on.

David was chosen, then accepted, then rejected, then rejected some more, then…rejected again. Eventually, he found his way into the promise of God. But then we question…why did he go through all of that? Why didn’t the promise happen as soon as it was given?

I mean, Samuel didn’t say to him:

So God has chosen you to be king. But your life will be turned upside down and demolished first. You will be betrayed multiple times and the king that reigns now will seek your life with everything he has. Eventually, even your own men will want you dead.

And a smile as the prophet walks away. “Have fun.

Of King “YOU” & The Life Of Pursuit

You have been anointed to be king, and are called to rule and reign with Christ. YOU! God has amazing plans for you! The moment you accepted Christ and chose to walk into that life for real, the anointing of a king was put on you. No different than if a prophet walked up to you, took out a horn of oil, and poured it on you from the head down. You were anointed for something spectacular.

Sounds awesome, right? Think about that. We tend to stop at seeing that God loves us and Jesus died on the cross for us. We say, “Yeah, gonna go to church now and be a solid man of God.” Guess what? That was the easy part. That “whoever” that led us to Jesus was the soft part. Breaking loose from the grip of sin was the easy part. Now we pursue the throne!

As David fought to stay alive and keep moving forward, sometimes running from the enemies of God, sometimes running from the people of God (sometimes both), he changed. He grew. He learned. And he walked ever closer to God.

So close, in fact, that when he came to sit on the throne his life remained close to God. But the promise fulfilled was not fully fulfilled. In fact, the throne was only part of who David was to become. He would be the forerunner of Christ.

He still made his share of “really stupid” mistakes. But the constant that remained in him was the absolute need to be with God.

We meet Jesus and start to understand the promises He has for us. Those promises might be years or minutes away. David pursued God and the promises were fulfilled. It is no different for us. These promises that we believe God has for us? They don’t just drop in our laps. We may run for our lives before they start showing up. We may have entire kingdoms chasing us down. Our closest loved ones may turn on us. But we are pursuing something greater. Something more. Something wonderful.

Had David decided that it wasn’t worth it and decided to leave Israel forever, it would have been devastating for him. But God chose him because He knew David’s heart. He knew David would not give up. He knew David was a giant killer.

Do you realize that He has made you a giant killer? There is greatness in us all, but the path to that throne room that has been promised to us WILL NOT be an easy one.

Then there’s that whole thing about how “easy” never made it into the annals of time…

You are more! DON’T GIVE UP NOW!

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