Discover How Anger Destroys

I’ve been a part of the body of Christ since birth. My biological mother was unstable to raise me, so my grandparents did. All I know about my biological father is that he saved my life. Shortly after I was born my dad took me to my grandparents and told them my mom was going to kill me. All I know about my biological father is that he was from Texas, and paid child support to my grandparents to help raise me. I’ve never seen him, and have no clue what he looks like.

My grandparents were amazing people. My grandfather was a deacon in the Church of Christ for around thirty years and he exposed me to Jesus Christ.

At one point in my life, my mother came back into the picture to regain custody. She started making a new impression for my grandparents to see, but my grandfather, the blue-collar worker, and church leader saw right through it and vowed to not allow her to ever get custody of me.

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The weekly visitations on weekends with my mother started to go well and over time transitioned with overnight stays. During my weekly visitation with my mother, she would take me shopping, go out to eat and play Nintendo. Then it got worse.

One day, my mom opened up her purse and showed me a pistol. She would always tell me not to put up with people. She would double up her fists and tell me to use these for fights. Well, another weekend approached and my grandparents didn’t want me to visit her anymore. The strange thing was, I never told them about the situation with the gun or anything we did besides me playing Nintendo. So, the next Sunday morning came and there were police officers pounding on my grandparent’s door. My mom had been shot in the head. She was dead. She was gone.

How anger destroys

Losing my mother taught me one important lesson. Anger is a very dangerous thought when action is taken. Being alone mentally where no one understands, while negative things happen all around us or even by us can put our lives through such misery. It’s always the thoughts, the words we speak, and the actions we take that define us. Frequently I have thought: Why are we going through such loss and despair? Am I being punished by the wrath of God? Is it justifiable to be angry, and is it natural to feel angry in order to take on the battles of everyday life to be strong?

How to overcome anger

So what does the bible say about anger? In Psalm 37:8 it says,

Don’t give into worry or anger; it only leads to trouble.

Anger can hurt yourself and other people if you act on it. There is value and direction of strength when we open our eyes to see the light of Jesus Christ. Know this, no matter what is on your mind from the past, present, or future, believe this “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

When I’m angry, I clear my mind through prayer. It is the proper way to release my problems and the anger built up inside me. I can honestly say that my praying is an activity for direction. This combines my mind with the shadow of His law, and know that His promise is real. Praying helps me make the right decisions for myself without anger.

How Anger Destroys

Remember this the next time you feel angry and meditate on the below verse:

Keep your temper under control; it is foolish to harbor a grudge.” (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

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