The Lord’s Side

In relationships we often want people to see our side, to empathize with our needs, This sounds normal but God’s side is the way of holiness. He wants us to be set apart unto Him and to worship him, regardless of what is going on. The Lord’s side is the winning side.

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How many sides to the story? Often people say 2 sides, mine and theirs, but there are 3,  the third side is the Lords. In relationships we often want people to see our side, to empathize with our needs, This sounds normal but God’s side is the way of holiness. He wants us to be set apart unto Him and to worship him, regardless of what is going on. The Lord’s side is the winning side.

We can get so caught up in defending our side and often we want God to come to our side, but God beckons us to His side. His way is the way of holiness – a perfect way of “wholeness” and unity that reflects His heavenly father’s heart and mission. We don’t understand or see His way unless we are set apart unto Him.

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In Joshua 5:13-16 the angel of the Lord stands with his sword drawn. Joshua asked: “Are you on my side or my adversaries side” and the angel said “neither”. What an answer! We learn in the following verses that the Lord’s side is the way of holiness in Isaiah 35:8. His sword was guarding a holy way that could not be figured out or entered in naturally. The only way to advance was through worship and removing our “shoes”. To look away from our own drama and look unto Him.

We are seeing America divided like never before. There are so many causes that demand our allegiance today. As believers, we will not have clarity until we are hearing the Holy Spirit and being set apart by Jesus.  In prayer and worship, we seek His face rather than just seeking His hand. As we are loyal to Jesus we will know what to say and do. He will renew our mind to holiness. So many Christians suffer from confusion because their mind is not renewed.

The Lord’s Side: The Battle

In Haggai 1:5-7 We fight vigorously for what is fleeting and what we cannot hold on to. Whatever is outside of holiness is futile. Whatever is committed to God in 2 Timothy 2:12 God himself will keep watch over it.

A.W Tozer says:

Men think of the world, not as a battleground but as a playground. We are not here to fight, we are here to frolic.

This provokes us to see what we are engaged in and for whom. We enjoy life’s blessings but it is not our only pursuit.  As Christian’s our faith is in direct contrast to this world system and those who are subject to it. It is too late to prepare for battle when we are in the battle, our training makes us effective ministers of life.

We are only as effective as our training, so as we are engaged in warfare then we are operating with instinct and spiritual reflexes. A wise warrior doesn’t bring a squirt gun to the battle but he is ready and equipped.

Often battles are won or lost in the mind. How do we think about ourselves and the way God has called us? We have a specific role in battle and when we hear a certain sound to march -1 Corinthians 14:8, we know what to do.

Here are some things to help understand the battle and our part in it.

  • The Battle is the Lords – 2 Chronicles 20.15
  • The Lord will fight Psalms 27.1 He is our defense
  • We have a specific role to look to God first in Deuteronomy 20.1-9
  • We are not spectators but are called to stand in Ephesians 6:10, 1 timothy 1.18,  1 Timothy 6.12 and  2 Timothy 4.7
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When David went to battle in 1 Samuel 17 Saul offered him his amour. David tried it on but It didn’t fit and it wasn’t proven. So he ran to Goliath with God’s amour in Jesus’ name confessing the victory even before it happened!. He was one of the THOUSANDS of people that was set apart unto the Lord’s side that day.

The Lord’s Side: The Church

In theology class I remember hearing this definition of the church – it is the revelation of Christ on the earth. The authority and power of the body of Christ today have the same power as when Jesus walked the earth. As we do it Jesus’ way, we never lack. Is the church perfect? no, but we are imperfect people surrounding and focusing on a perfect god. The church is not there to entertain but to direct and train people in their relationship with God and help prepare for battle in psalms 144:1.

As we near the rapture, the church will enter an intense battle. A battle to close its doors, to back up and be silent and conform. Culture is relentless, but Jesus was counter-cultural – He lived as a citizen of heaven, His only purpose was to glorify His Heavenly father. This is a way to discover holiness. What was Jesus occupied with is our mission?

Many people that I have spoken to about this virus have been quick to be diplomatic, and compliant but what is God saying at this time? We want to be obedient to the law – yes, but also to God. Many are being told how to act and think, to be followers and not leaders. It is tragic that many churches have been closed down by the government.

A.W. Tozer quotes “A scared world needs to see a fearless church”. Is that what the world sees today?” I am not here to accuse or cast any judgment but we need to think are we acting like the world bowing to their every whim or are we standing with the Lord on His side?

The Lord's Side

Stand firm honoring God with compassion and wisdom and the Lord will strengthen you. We are set apart unto Him and He will show us the ” heavenly cause”. There is the Angel of the Lord with a sword drawn in your city, neighborhood, your church – what will you do? What will you say? Which side will you defend?

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