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This is our time as a church

There is so much uncertainty all around us. Changes are no fun for anyone. The predictability of routine can be a form of peace. I have heard many say, “I just want it all to go back to normal !” I get it, but the Lord is bringing us deeper and causing us to lean in and see our need for HIM.

Recently, as I sat in the chair at the eye doctor,  a corrective lens was placed on my eyes and the question was asked, is this lens better or this one? As I answered, this process works through blurriness to clarity. We need clarity today to see clearly and to move with confidence.

Here are some ways to see more clearly.

  • Have the correct lens
  • Understand what your looking at
  • Know what your role is in what you’re a part of
  • Asking the right questions
  • Identify the real problem
  • Do what you can with what you can

Without focus, we are disoriented and can’t see clearly what is around us. We must look at Jesus first before people, problems, or obstacles. Having focus shows us the big picture and reminds us that God is in control – ultimately.

What is the purpose of the church? 

The response of the church has concerned me. Many have taken a cautious and compliant role and forgotten their role in this present crisis. It is easy to turn inward in times of trials and to shrink back from looking and operating outward as the hands and feet of Christ. This is time not to be a follower in “herd mentality” but a leader of hope and life. Church this is our time!

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Queen Esther saw clearly and moved in faith as her uncle spoke faith to her. In Esther 4:14 “…you were born for such a time as this..” Her blurriness came into focus as she began to think with God. She stopped thinking in “self-preservation mode” and she began to relate to herself in her purpose. She became second as she submitted to God’s purpose.

What example is the church operating in today? The world sees us as not a necessity but in actuality, the church is the revelation of Jesus on the Earth. This is an absolute necessity.

I believe there are seasons where we see all of these, here are a few scenarios:

Cruise Ship

The church can be a social party where comfort and routine are central. Pleasures and predictability are guarded and nothing new is embraced. We protect what we have and try to hold on to it more than reaching out and up to something new. Complacency lulls the believer and there is no active witness for the unbeliever to see. Lots of blurriness here and fear for the future.

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The church can be armed to the teeth ready for a fight. Protecting what is in the best interest of themselves and what is vulnerable. Trained and capable to help and serve and have a message of hope.

Aircraft Carrier

The church can be an aircraft carrier moving around the globe to launch out in various places. Mobilizing for growth and impact. Faith steps and thinking outside the box moving in confidence in God’s strength.

Speed Boat

The church can be like a speed boat tactically maneuvering with speed in hard to reach areas. Ready to move in the Spirit to seek and save the lost.

Where are you on this list? We have a unique opportunity as we move closer to the rapture to minister life and eternal hope to those around us. We have clarity on what God is doing as HE is our lens. TRUTH is our point of reference and this is how we see clearly in troubled times. More of Him and LESS of ME. This is the equation for advancement.

This is our time as a church


  1. How can we gain our focus in troubled times?
  2. What is my part in troubled times?
  3. How was Queen Esther able to step up rather than stepping away?
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