Between Two Gardens

Between Two Gardens


In the Beginning, When everything was New

I created it all, And entrusted it to you


In the shade of the day, And the coolness of night,

Your Joy was complete, You were My delight.


It was My Pleasure That you would live free.

To do as you wish, Just don’t eat from that tree.


Not knowing the difference Between Right and Wrong,

The Devil planted a doubt, By singing you a song!


There in the Garden, Surrounded by Perfection,

he whispered to your pride, And completed his deception.


Her eyes opened wide, Everything was new,

As she took the first bite, And then shared it with you.


Of all the fruits, So sweet to the taste

You ate of the one, That would lay you to waste.


But nothing takes place, Outside of My Plan!

‘Fore the foundation of the Earth, I Slain the scapegoat of Man!


I sent you out, From among My Presence

But in your innermost parts, I left My Essence


I set Eternity. in the hearts of Men

That in your search for answers, You would come back again


Your Spirit was willing. But the Flesh so was weak,

So I sent My Son, To live among the meek


To show that a life, In my Will could be lived

And that in Love, The Law is fulfilled.


In the fullness of time, To die on the Cross

That of all the souls, None may be lost


Debt paid in Full, And the veil opened wide

Now all mankind could come sit at my side


As we reason together, On your own you will see

That all your disappointments, Brought you closer to Me


Because no other affection, Could ever fulfill

The space in your life, I left for My Will


Not only the souls, Were redeemed at the Cross,

For even the Earth, had suffered a loss


Heaven and Earth, I will restore

So that Sin and Death, Will plague you no more.


Now all is well, Having received your full pardon,

Come, stand by My side, Let us walk in the Garden.


Here, Peace is Eternal, Your Joy now is Complete.

You kiss my face, And I wash your feet.


For it was always My will, For you to be free,

And with your own mouth, confess your Love for Me.


One Day soon, the Garden I will restore.

Death and Pain, You’ll remember no more.

Between Two Gardens

In the shade of the day, and the coolness of night,

I will be your Portion, You will be My Delight.

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