The Lone Puzzle Piece

The Lone Puzzle Piece

I know I’m not alone in saying that 2020 has been brutal on my creativity and spiritual inspiration. This year we have endured looters, rioters, accusations of racism for not possessing enough melanin, or for being a member of any form of law enforcement. We’ve seen our democratic societies erode under the corrupt actions of fascist actors hijacking elections.

It goes without saying that 2020 has tested a great lot of us, while others have reveled in the new advantages that the year’s struggles have allowed them. All the while, we “creatives” have been struggling to quiet our minds and let our muses speak to us. Whether it be writing a book, a blog post, painting, or simply taking a picture of something other than a burning police car. Trying to add something positive and uplifting to the world this last year has been a struggle for everyone.

A Search For Inspiration

It’s a new year with new resolutions worldwide. New starts and renewed commitments. It may be time to look for new ways to be inspired.

Take today for example. I was picking up lunch for my lovely wife and myself at a food truck that parks in an empty lot just outside of town next to a used car dealership. As I was walking back to my car after placing my order, I just happen to look down at the ground to see a single upside-down puzzle piece amongst the breaking concrete, tufts of grass, and small patches of snow. It seems almost impossible that I would have noticed this small brown oddly shaped piece of cardboard backdropped by its surroundings of almost identical color. But for some reason, it stood out like there was a spotlight on it.

I noticed it and walked right by it. Then it hit me, this may be the inspiration I’ve been looking for. That’s when I did an about-face and picked it up.

This lone puzzle piece appears to be tree branches on a white background. But when I saw it, it spoke to me that it was a work of art in itself and the rest of the puzzle is lessened by its absence. This little puzzle piece had nothing to prove and had no need to explain itself to me. Its lone adventure into the wild unknown is it’s own to ponder and the lessons it learned along the way will probably be lost to my inability to speak its language.

Inspiration From Strange Places

Like the wayfaring puzzle piece, I hope to find inspiration from more obscure places. I know some of these musings will be only ramblings from my own questionable sanity, but I hope that if I look in enough places, I will be able to find something worth sharing with the world that might inspire someone else.

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While contemplating the puzzle piece, I was reminded of a quote. I typed it into Google to make sure I got the quote correct and give proper credit. Here’s what I found.

Becoming me was the greatest creative project of my life.Lev Grossman

Ultimately, this was the gift the puzzle piece gave to me. I need to focus on myself, my relationship with my Lord and His Word, and if come across something that moves me, I can share it with the rest of the world.

The Lone Puzzle Piece

I hope that in the new year and new decade, you’ll be able to find new ways that God may be speaking to you and then find the patience to listen for its message.

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