If this is the Temple

If this is the Temple

I’m told I’m a temple,

The Temple of God

Well if this is true

Then there’s much I find odd

Housekeeping stuff like

Where to burn my offering

Or where to intercede 

For the brethren’ suffering?

Where do I store

The grain for the Priests?

What do I do 

When it’s time for the Feasts?

Where should I stand 

So that I’m not struck down

When the Priest’s preparation

Makes God frown

Where are the gentiles

Allowed to stand?

Or place money changers

So coins can trade hands?

Where will Nero 

Erect his abomination?

In plain sight

Of the Israelite Nation?

My body is one

But the Covenants are two:

Which should I follow,

The Old or the New?

The Temple of Solomon

Is no longer there!

Not a wall is left,

The stones were stripped bare!

So where do I go

For the Passover Feast

Which direction to travel,

North, south, west or east?

Where do I atone 

For the sins of the people?

There is no altar,

Not even a steeple

I do recall a story

Of a Man on a Cross

Claiming “Paid in Full”

So none may be lost!

So my sin is forgiven

Not just punishment delayed

He was pierced by the nails

And cut by the blade

My Mouth preaches Grace

My mind receives Peace

When my hands touch the sky

His Mercy is released

My eyes await the Glory

Of the coming of the Lord

My feet await instructions 

For which direction to go toward

My ears are attentive, to

Rightly discern the Word of Truth

But some of your doctrine

Makes God sound aloof

You keep from the Old

The parts that you prefer

And when in conflict with the New

On that, you defer

Finding it easier to question

My commitment to the Lord

Rather than revisiting 

Your understanding of the Word

On matters like Murder,

Jesus said “hate” was equivalent

And on matters of “divorce”

You say he was ambivalent

On matters of taxes

You call Him Republican,

On matters of State

You call Him an Anglican

On matters of Kingdom

You brand Him “cryptic”

On matters of Earth,

He’s labeled “apocalyptic”

You sway and you move Him

While you build His media profile

Overlooking the fact that

You haven’t spoken in a while

‘Cause if you had

You would’ve clearly heard

What His intentions were

For you to do with His Word

You slice and dice it 

For your own convenience

You preach to them Brimstone

While He’s telling you Lenience

You like the tithe

Because it brings in the dough

But if I ask “why no circumcision” 

You reply “Do you not know?!”

Paul said that circumcision

Is “done of the heart!”

So, do I cut off a piece?

Where do I start?

No, I’m just joking!

I’m not Nicodemus,

But to hear your sermons

I feel there are Jews among us!

“The Old Covenant is fulfilled

Not abolished, don’t you see?

It all went away When Jesus died for you and me!”

I’m so glad you mentioned that,

I was thinking the same thing,

I assume you give value 

To Jesus’ suffering!

What Jesus told the woman

He found at Jacob’s well:

The only place you can’t worship

Would have to be hell!

“The Time is coming

And is nowhere,

That to worship the Father

You don’t have to be near”

True worshippers will worship

“In Spirit and in Truth”

When the Spirit is poured out 

On the old and the youth

My reasonable service

Is a “living” sacrifice

No of goat or of lamb,

Only my body will suffice

So, our bodies are Temples

Of the Holy Spirit

But if the Temple’s inside,

How do I go near it?

How do I offer a sacrifice?

On this Altar made of flesh?

Let me just rip it out!

I want to start afresh!

Again, just in jest

It’s not the “Temple of Doom”

No need to mutilate

Or return to the womb!

“We bring the sacrifice of praise

Unto the House of the Lord”

Where is this Temple

So I can be restored?

The Kingdom of Heaven 

Is inside of me!

So no mint or cumin, no tithing,

Can’t you see?

Oh, yes, Melkezedek,

You chose to misunderstand!

Jacob did it from the heart,

Not out of command!

Jacob was blessed

So he blessed Him back!

What do you give a Man

That knows no lack?!

A tenth was not enough!

He should’ve given it all!

Isn’t the rain in the sky,

Waiting on instructions to fall?

You give your tithe 

Therefore you’re under the Law!

However, my sins are forgiven,

I no longer have that flaw!

You know all the right words

To condemn me of sin

And forget to teach me 

That my Altar is within

I’m saved by Grace

And then you spew me the Torah

Of course, churches are empty!

You’d rather light the Menorah! 

Then to share freely 

What you freely received

The gift of the Spirit

The first day you believed!

You fear for the church building

With no compassion for man,

Is this what was taught to you

From the Great I Am?

Even the Crusaders accepted

That the Kingdom of Heaven

Was not made of stones

Or of bread needing leaven

In the Temple of the Lord

The Altar is made of Love

So do unto others

What you require from Above

When there’s too much month

At the end of your money

Reach down inside

And pull up some honey

For He will never guide you

Where He will not provide,

You want the church to stay open

There’s no need for the tithe!

We tell and retell 

These miracles of old

These are not just stories

That you were once told!

The same God that provided

Water out of wine

Will ensure there’s enough

On your table to dine

The oil did not run out

‘Til the famine was over

So you shouldn’t fear 

A hostile takeover

You do not know

The plans God has for you

So you just do your part 

And He’ll do His part too!

If this is the Temple

Of the Spirit of El Elion

Make sure you keep it tidy

With no sign of rebellion

God cannot work 

Where there is unbelief

Neither will He settle 

For a simple fig leaf

Give unto Caesar

What Caesar is due

But don’t neglect to give God

What is expected of you!

To come in His presence

With thanksgiving, in your heart

And your Reasonable Service?

Is that your life be set apart!

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