Reasonable Service

Reasonable Service

How do you repay

An irreconcilable debt?

Do you slowly walk away?

Hoping the creditors forget? 

What value could we assign?

To eternal bliss?

No tears to cry

No birthdays to miss!

How do you fill

The bottomless pit?

Do you use soothing words,

Your charm and your wit?

How do you bridge

Irreconcilable differences?

The same way you overcome

Insurmountable distances?

How to repay a man

That has just saved your child

From the mouth of the beast

When the dog has run wild?

What would you give

In exchange for your soul?

Would you hand over your life?

And its total control?

What if all of your sin

One day was just blotted?

No record remains

So no payment extracted!

What can a man do 

That merits such favor

Nothing at all,

It’s not based on behavior!

It’s the Free Love of God

In its original rendition

That through Jesus Christ

We may all have redemption

But this is unreasonableness

On the part of God!

The Righteous die

In the place of the flawed?

How could I ever

Make this debt whole?

Even if I cashed in the world

And handed over my soul!

Thankfully, that is not what God

Requires of you

But a “Reasonable Service”

In lieu of what is due

This service He requires

Is not one of conscription

For all of His soldiers

Serve out of conviction

The battles you’ll fight

Have already been won

All He wants from you

Is to believe in the Son

Is it too much to ask

For you to abstain

From things, He already knows

Will just bring you pain?

This body He gave us

Is our meeting place

It is God’s Temple

It is not meant for disgrace!

Your duty is to keep it

Pleasing and Holy 

And be mindful of sin

Lest it creeps up slowly

For this is True Worship

That is pleasing to the Lord

Irrespective of the fact

He will you give a reward

But to ensure that your pledge

Becomes a reality

You have to put away yourself

And all ties to carnality

Do not be conformed to this world

But through the renewing of your mind

Reject thought patterns

And strongholds of every kind

Then you’ll discern His Good,

Complete and Perfect Will 

And every day in the Lord

Will become better still

What is His Will for you?

You may ask yourself

To seek treasures Above

Far more than Earthly wealth

Neither esteem over men

Or from them too

But treat them the way

You’d want them to treat you

I know, God is unfair!

He wants us to have Peace!

Not the kind the world gives

With its ten-minutes Armistice

But the Peace that is Verb

And Noun all in one

Can only come from the Father

Through Jesus the Son

So as you live by Faith

And not by sight

Count yourself lowly

And He’ll be your Might

This “reasonable service”,

That he wants you to do

Is what He knew all along

Was the very best for you

Reasonable Service

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