Reading Time: 3 minutes “Is God Real?” is the fundamental question of many debates for decades. These debates take many forms but generally revolve around Evolution. We hear all the time from “scientists” how animals evolved over millions of years. This leaves us wondering if it’s proven that everything happened by chance then surely God doesn’t exist. You’re not alone, we’ve all been stumped by this dilemma at some point in our lives.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Everywhere you look, there’s some group that’s trying to raise awareness for their cause. They plan marches, hand out flyers and do everything in their power to make people feel as passionate about their cause, as they do. However, the latest plot twist in my life brought a startling revelation. You know what I’ve learned, the only time you truly understand or are aware of a problem is when it’s at YOUR doorstep. People will get involved when the situation hits home.

Reading Time: 4 minutes When we don’t understand the purpose of something, we misuse it and it can destroy us. That is the reality of the situation when it comes to adultery. Once you do the deed outside the confines of marriage, it’s over. The covenant with your spouse has ended and you enter into a new covenant with that person.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The unfortunate truth is that you’re not strong enough. There will be situations that you can deal with because you’ve been through worse. Then there are circumstances that will crack the earth beneath your feet. These are the situations that challenge you. These are the trials that will grow your faith.

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When we think of the alpha male, “The Man” so to speak, images flood our mind of what’s portrayed constantly. That gun-toting, cigar smoking, womanizer in a t-shirt a few sizes smaller than necessary. The music industry paints a picture that a man’s worth is measured by the number of women he’s slept with. Like hunting trophies mounted on his wall. You’d be forgiven for thinking this way. These are the images etched into our subconscious almost every minute of every day.

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So, what makes a man? What defines us? The answer may surprise you. A real man doesn’t always have a chiseled physique or ambitious mindset. Sometimes a real man has a belly or he’s rocking the latest fashion from five years ago. You see, the hallmark of a real man is sacrifice. He may love to be dressed up and probably was quite the head-turner in his day. However, the needs of “His people”, his loved ones supersede his own desires. The reason why the Bible places the man as the head of the home is not out of male superiority but his innate desire to make personal sacrifices for his loved ones. He is supposed to have the vision of a better life for his family and then make the sacrifices to get them there. You know, we love Ephesians 5:22-33:

22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

Here’s why the Bible says that your wife must submit to you. We tend to miss it because we get so excited over the submission part. Your relationship with your wife is likened to the relationship between Christ and the Church. What did Jesus do? Didn’t he make the ultimate sacrifice for our sake? Frankly, a faithful wife shouldn’t even need a scripture to tell her to submit because she must have no doubt in her mind that you will do anything for her and your children. You will sacrifice it all for them. Yes, you will make mistakes but she must never doubt your intentions or that you’ll do everything in your power to correct that error in your judgment. You need to make sure that you’re worthy of her trust.

Lost in time…

Well, that’s how we’re supposed to behave. Somewhere down the line, we missed it. Men understood their role at some point in history. We get hints of this understanding in unspoken rules of manhood, like “women and children first.” Surely you remember Titanic? No? You’re either too young to remember being dragged to watch Leonardo DiCaprio or you’re in denial. And before I start, can we all agree that the door was big enough for both of them! That poor fellow died in vain!