Reading Time: 4 minutes In relationships we often want people to see our side, to empathize with our needs, This sounds normal but God’s side is the way of holiness. He wants us to be set apart unto Him and to worship him, regardless of what is going on. The Lord’s side is the winning side.

Reading Time: 3 minutes What defines you? Your job, success, or your material possessions? There can be an endless list of “things” that build us or steal from us. What defines a man is the content of our soul, we are a product of our investment, not our environment. What kind of man are you? What drives you?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In these turbulent days, what are you holding on to? We want to be safe and secure at any cost. But we as believers learn that our true security is that Jesus is holding on to us and He never let us go. No matter how our plan goes, our way, or not – God is in control.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Debt. Everyone has it. Monetarily, or we are indebted due to someone’s kindness. We often have a sense we need to “pay it back ” or “pay it forward”. In the case of Mercy – our debt is paid in full. Mercy takes away what we deserve and Grace gives us what we don’t deserve based on the love of Jesus.

Reading Time: 3 minutes In relationships, every person has their own culture and subculture. These practices makeup what they believe and value. Often when two people come together, there can be a “cultural clash” due to how they define their environment. When coming together there are many adjustments and learning to appreciate each other’s cultures.