Reading Time: 3 minutes God is love. We tend to diminish this aspect of God’s nature. We confuse it with the fickle love we experience as humans. This is not God’s love. God is so defined by being love that if we have a relationship with Him, we will love as well. It is a wonderful idea to contemplate. John emphasizes just how important this is to God. He says that if we don’t love, we don’t actually know God.

Reading Time: 5 minutes A life of service to God is a life of privilege. God is not limited by us, though. He includes us in His plan out of love and through grace. He is not hindered when we refuse to come along. God’s will is carried out regardless of human weakness and failure. He has a million different alternatives in His arsenal to get the Gospel out. The only question is whether we reap the blessings of participation in that plan or do we let them go to another.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Jordan Peterson is a phenomenon. He is on a worldwide campaign to save the world from itself, which is very similar to ours as Christians. If we listen closely, he laments many of the same things as we do. In some ways, his work reminds us of what we should be doing in this very lost society. His beliefs and solutions are very different than ours. This does not mean the Church has nothing to learn from him. Here are 5 things we as the church can learn from Jordan Peterson.

Reading Time: 5 minutes We are often confused about the question of how we should serve God? We know we are called to work for God. We see others doing many different things to advance the Kingdom. Some seem more extreme than others. Some of the roles make us downright uncomfortable. We don’t think we could ever get in front of people and speak or evangelize on a street corner. So what does God expect as our reasonable service to Him?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do we put God in a box? It seems like a silly question. How can we put the Eternal Creator in a box? It is impossible as God rules over all things. He existed before anything in the universe was formed. Yet in some ways, this is exactly what we attempt when our will clash with God’s.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Joseph does not get a lot of attention in the Christian faith.  Sure, we briefly talk about Him around Christmas time but he is almost an afterthought.  Joseph is quite a special individual.  Only Joseph is chosen to be Jesus’ earthly dad out of all of the men of history.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Following Jesus can be scary.   If we are called to lead others in the Christian life, it can be terrifying.  The challenges and responsibilities of helping others follow Jesus can seem overwhelming.  Eternal destinies are on the line.  How do we lead others in holiness and godliness when it often feels like we can barely keep it together ourselves?