Reading Time: 4 minutes There are many names for God used in the Bible having unique meanings. One of those names is first used by Abraham in Genesis 24, the God of heaven. An examination of its usages in Scripture provides insight into another aspect of Yahweh, the Great I Am and the significance of the God of heaven?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether one has faith in God or not, the world is filled with many unanswered questions. However, the beginning of wisdom is to believe what God said through Moses, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Do you trust the Word of God to answer the most important questions that you may have?

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Is God Real?” is the fundamental question of many debates for decades. These debates take many forms but generally revolve around Evolution. We hear all the time from “scientists” how animals evolved over millions of years. This leaves us wondering if it’s proven that everything happened by chance then surely God doesn’t exist. You’re not alone, we’ve all been stumped by this dilemma at some point in our lives.