Reading Time: 3 minutes I think God wants us to invest deeply in things that we care about, whether that is sports, food, people, work, family, exercise, whatever. God doesn’t want us to give up on these things, but rather, he wants to be involved in all those things! So what does that look like? I want to look at a few things that we all invest in, and see how we can let Jesus in on these places.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most men like superheroes. We watched the cartoon versions, read comic books, and bought the t-shirts. I was inspired by the latest Marvel movie to look at the foundational stones of manhood from the story of David. David selected five smooth stones before he went into battle with Goliath. In my last article, I introduced courage as the first foundation stone of manhood. The second stone represents loyalty.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Living in isolation not only rejects God’s ownership over our lives but also denies our fundamental human hardwiring. We must continue to pursue a friendship with others, but not begrudgingly or in fear. Rather, we pursue a friendship with joy because there is practical help offered to us in the Scriptures, divine grace available for our specific struggles, and beautiful blessings to experience when biblical friendship is realized.