Reading Time: 3 minutes Why do we keep acquiring more possessions when we clearly already have enough? The answer is simple. It’s found throughout the Word of God, particularly in the book of Ecclesiastes, and we verify its truth every day with our desires, words, actions, and purchases: we are searching for life.

Reading Time: 5 minutes It was a crazy request: build a boat. But there’s no water around. Such was the nature of the task assigned to Noah. What could ever compel a person of God to say yes to such a task? I believe that the story of Noah and the Ark is in the Bible to help us define what biblical faith looks like. He happened to be part of one of the most incredible moments in all of history, but his call to obedience isn’t much different than ours today. So what motivates ordinary people to obey the extraordinary call of God?

Reading Time: 3 minutes If God is not the author of confusion, then why are so many other Christians so confused about so many things? We want to remove “wait…what” from our vocabulary when it comes to what God is doing in our life. However, we as humans feel we need to understand things before we do them. We need to know who, what, when, where, and why before taking a step and trusting God. That is not how God works.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The unfortunate truth is that you’re not strong enough. There will be situations that you can deal with because you’ve been through worse. Then there are circumstances that will crack the earth beneath your feet. These are the situations that challenge you. These are the trials that will grow your faith.