Learning to Love Daily Repentance

Repentance. I don’t think there’s been one word that has created more confusion in my relationship with Jesus Christ. At least, that’s how it used to be. Repentance. A word that’s used in both the Old and New Testaments. The term was brought up by priests, prophets, even our Lord and Savior Himself made sure there was no misunderstanding about the significance of the term.

10 Most Effective Ways to Preach the Gospel Today

Preaching the Gospel is the most important work on the face of the planet. It is crucial that we, as Christians, know how we bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to every corner of the world. While this might be a difficult task, Jesus expects His people to do their best. As long as we do our part, God will give the increase in our labor. In this blog, here are 10 powerful ways we can preach the Gospel today.

Repackaging the Gospel

Jesus spoke in parables which were relatable to the audience. However, the parables are foreign to modern man. What do we know of sowing seeds in a field? We might understand the concept intrinsically but we have no working knowledge of it. What’s required is a change in our thinking. Instead of merely listening to the Word, we need to be focusing on really understanding it with the intent of repackaging the Word for redelivery into our World.

Taking Up a Mantle

Over the last two years, I have really been questioning my calling into ministry and whether or not working in a church is what is best for me. What I’ve learned is no matter what you attempt to do, God’s grace is going with you. He’s not asking you to do ministry perfectly. He’s asking you to put yourself out there and let his grace go to work. The only way that we are able to see God’s grace is when we activate our faith.

Three Gospels for Anxiety

I know I’m not the only Christian that gets anxious. Maybe you are a planner who struggles to give up control. Maybe you’ve had a really troubling past and are haunted by the hurt that you’ve experienced. Maybe you’re in a really difficult season of life and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, Jesus provides the cure. In Matthew 6, Christ says, “Do not be anxious about your life” and provides us with 3 gospels to help us combat our daily anxiety.