Reading Time: 5 minutes These days we are all thinking about all the things that are closed or canceled. Canceled and closed are both devastating words when we have been hoping for and dreaming about a big moment. In these strange days of COVID-19 and too many closures to count, we all need hope that there are still good and great days of blessings ahead.

Reading Time: 4 minutes In these turbulent days, what are you holding on to? We want to be safe and secure at any cost. But we as believers learn that our true security is that Jesus is holding on to us and He never let us go. No matter how our plan goes, our way, or not – God is in control.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Debt. Everyone has it. Monetarily, or we are indebted due to someone’s kindness. We often have a sense we need to “pay it back ” or “pay it forward”. In the case of Mercy – our debt is paid in full. Mercy takes away what we deserve and Grace gives us what we don’t deserve based on the love of Jesus.

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we journey through marriage we learn about the power of the Lord and the weakness of ourselves. Marriage is a personal investment. Like many of us, we want a “quick fix” to our problems, we just want to live “happily ever after”. The truth is marriage is an onward, intentional journey of grace and truth; losses and gains teach us to know the Lord better.

Reading Time: 3 minutes We often seek answers to life problems, but Jesus is showing us something bigger – a process that leads us to Him. Answers can fall short of understanding the reasons for things going on. Jesus is doing a hidden work that will last for all of eternity, and building you into what he has made you be. This “hidden work” produces what we could never manufacture on our own.