Reading Time: 7 minutes As a society, we have a need for entertainment. From boxing to MMA sports, these gladiators are looked up to as gods of masculinity. There are underlying failures in our culture that have led to these erroneous caricatures, but they nonetheless bring with them a distortion of the biblical expression of healthy aggression. Learn why a weak man cannot be virtuous.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Jordan Peterson is a phenomenon. He is on a worldwide campaign to save the world from itself, which is very similar to ours as Christians. If we listen closely, he laments many of the same things as we do. In some ways, his work reminds us of what we should be doing in this very lost society. His beliefs and solutions are very different than ours. This does not mean the Church has nothing to learn from him. Here are 5 things we as the church can learn from Jordan Peterson.