Reading Time: 3 minutes When life is full of opportunities and risks, we naturally ask ourselves, “Am I trusting God or just being foolish?” This is a good question to ask because, while God calls us to trust him, he also calls us to manage our lives with Godly wisdom. So, how do you know if a decision is a step of faith, or just plain foolish? Is it a choice between trust and irresponsibility?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Often our shortcomings are glaring and can traffic our mind way too much. We overcompensate with excuses or act in guilt motivation to do better. Looking at others we compare ourselves and often it is the mirror and speaker that defeats us from the inside out. Even though this reality has truth to it, there is another reality that is true – a divine reality.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Following Jesus can be scary.   If we are called to lead others in the Christian life, it can be terrifying.  The challenges and responsibilities of helping others follow Jesus can seem overwhelming.  Eternal destinies are on the line.  How do we lead others in holiness and godliness when it often feels like we can barely keep it together ourselves?