Reading Time: 3 minutes We define needs relationally as well, not just physically. We say we need a more loving spouse, a more obedient child, or a more respectful boss. This might confuse and irritate you, but the Bible never promises those things. But in a fallen world, where life doesn’t operate the way it should, there’s a difference between need and desire. There are 3 dangerous things that happen when you name a desire as something you need.

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Matthew 6, Jesus is teaching that we’re not responsible for defining our own needs. Now, let’s be honest – this doesn’t make sense to us. Here’s an important principle to remember: you and I struggle to give up control because we think no one else knows what we need more than we do. Even though it will be a struggle, I want to encourage you to willingly and joyfully let go of the responsibility of defining your needs. Here are three reasons that should help.