Reading Time: 4 minutes In these turbulent days, what are you holding on to? We want to be safe and secure at any cost. But we as believers learn that our true security is that Jesus is holding on to us and He never let us go. No matter how our plan goes, our way, or not – God is in control.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding a person of peace has one of the topics that has kept coming up in missional circles over the 10 years. We are encouraged to seek out these people. But what does it really mean? What if we stopped looking for a person of peace and started looking for a person of peace?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Marvel movies have made billions at the box office. We love superheroes and secretly wish we had their abilities. We all love to prevail against all odds! Our warfare as a Christian is against an invisible enemy, we see the effect of evil every day and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger, thankfully his days are numbered.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shame is ugly. We often try to hide our embarrassing exposure. Guilt says that a mistake has been made but shame goes a step further and says we are a failure. This identity is paralyzing. In 2 Samuel 9, we see a story were grace conquers shame and mercy rejoices over judgment and underserved favor is given.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Lions roar is fierce and magnificent. It can be heard up to five miles away! Their roar scares potential intruders and communicates who the boss. We have a roar within us too. Depending on where it comes from, the new man or the old man determines its life-giving or destructive effects. Anger is a strong emotion that can be very difficult to control, what is the secret in taming this beast?