Reading Time: 3 minutes What defines you? Your job, success, or your material possessions? There can be an endless list of “things” that build us or steal from us. What defines a man is the content of our soul, we are a product of our investment, not our environment. What kind of man are you? What drives you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are impossible things in our lives. Weighty things that have been part of our landscape for a long time. Relationships, sickness, generational curses, strongholds…etc.  Our initial reaction is to throw our hands up and give up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Marvel movies have made billions at the box office. We love superheroes and secretly wish we had their abilities. We all love to prevail against all odds! Our warfare as a Christian is against an invisible enemy, we see the effect of evil every day and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger, thankfully his days are numbered.

Reading Time: 3 minutes So many want to do a GREAT thing for God, but God is looking to do GREAT work in us first. Often this work happens in the details of life, the seemingly mundane can be an opportunity to release the greatness of God. How does greatness happen? Through consistent steps of obedience. One step in front of the other with our eyes on Jesus.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Distractions can bring on a slow fade and a subtle drift. Soon we are in a place we never thought we would be. The glance turns to gaze and the gaze turns into an action that creates consequences, we can all lose our way. It is only a matter of time and the right circumstance that we will act on what is in our hearts.